5 Powerful Posture Stretches

7 Mar by Jacalyn Buettner DC

5 Powerful Posture Stretches

These are my GO TO stretches for improving posture and addressing various back pains.

Doing these few stretches daily can really make a difference in strengthening your back and posture over time. The key is to remain consistent…

📍Cat-Cow Pose

👉Start on the floor with your hands and knees shoulder-width apart. Push your tail towards the ceiling while your tummy towards the floor, HOLD 3 SEC, arch your back while pushing your tail down, HOLD 3 SEC ⭐️Now do 3 sets of 20


📍The Wall Angel

👉With your back flat against the wall, with your arms up and your elbows at a 90-degree angle slowly lower your elbows down like chicken wings, you should feel the squeeze between your shoulders. You should do 3 sets of 20, and take it slow…

✨The Goal✨ here is to keep your arms, shoulders, and back all flat against the wall and it’s ok if you can’t do that right away.


📍The Bridge

👉This is a great stretch to strengthen your core, back, and hips. I like to encourage you to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles when you are in the bridge positions, HOLD 3 SEC and come back to the ground, again 3 sets of 20


📍Child Pose

👉Pull your body back with your hips, stretching your spine. Breathe deep and relax… for this pose hold for 30 up to 60 seconds


📍Apex Stretch

👉In the video I have this handy wedge-shaped support that you can just lie, starting with 2 minutes a day and working your way up. It’s great for strengthening your muscle memory. You can also try this off the edge of your bed.