What our patients have to say...

"It is without question that my overall health would have been compromised without regular chiropractic adjustments. My lower back injury of 1995 dramatically impacted my daily life limiting it to 20 minute at a time light yard work and to maximum of 10 pounds when lifting. I am confident that my current abilities would be further limited without Dr. Jacalyn Buettner's advice, consultations, and treatments. Chiropractic care is a natural and logical approach to support the integrity of our muscular, skeletal and neurological health."

Sarita B.
Special Agent

"For years I had pains that I thought were common to everyone. A colleague referred me to Dr. Buettner. I had two fears before my first appointment: that permanent damage might occur and that the appointments would never end. I shared these reservations with Dr. Buettner at my first appointment. She patiently explained the process, did an evaluation, and started treatment with my approval. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! After approximately 8 months, I am free of lower back and neck pain. Now I have a treatment every 6-8 weeks (I would like to go more often just for pleasure, not out of need). Dr. Buettner's manner is wonderful—she's bubbly, energetic, and always takes time to listen and answer questions. She gave me exercises and guidelines to use in my everyday life that assist in keeping me aligned and pain-free. The office staff is equally as helpful and pleasant each visit. Dr. Buettner is terrific and I refer friends and colleagues to her often."

Special Events

"Dr. Buettner has given two informative chiropractic lectures to my employees with great response! I refer to her and am a 'well-adjusted' patient. I look forward to her treatment and caring adjustments."


"Dr. Buettner brings me such relief! My work is very stressful so chiropractic is an essential part of my routine."

Dawn H.

"Going snowboarding every weekend can really play havoc with one's neck and back. Yet once a week I head into the mountains to fall in the snow and throw myself out of alignment. Then during the week I sit (poorly postured) at a desk. Headaches that I experienced years ago returned at the beginning of the season and I began seeing Dr. Buettner. Initially my visits to Dr. Buettner were once a week, but now, thanks to her treatment advice, the responsibility for my health has reverted to me and I don't need weekly visits. I have learned to take measures in everyday life to alleviate my condition. Chiropractic has greatly helped my life; my headaches are gone and I'm learning to heal myself."

Engineer / Snowboarder

"Dr. Buettner is simply the best. I had a serious low back injury, including two bulging discs, and she helped me greatly. On a separate occasion she cured a nagging thoracic spine problem in a single visit! Her upbeat, cordial style is the icing on the cake. You'd be lucky to have Jackie as your chiropractor!"

David M.

"I never thought I would go to a chiropractor! I felt that it would be an uncomfortable and scary experience. After being under Dr. Buettner's care, I now believe and trust that her chiropractic care has helped my stress management in my professional career. Chiropractic care was also a factor in improving my physical flexibility before working out at a gym. I lost 40 pounds over a year's time!"

George C.