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Questions About Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is a natural method of health care that has been helping patients just like you for over 100 years. It is based on the premise that good health and mobility rely on a normally functioning nervous system and a healthy spine.

Chiropractic allows the body to heal itself by re-establishing communication between the brain and every tissue and organ in your body. This improves skeletal, muscular and nervous-system disorders without the use of expensive drugs and surgery.

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What our patients have to say...

No More Fear of Chiropractic!

“I never thought I would go to a chiropractor! I felt that it would be an uncomfortable and scary experience. After being under Dr. Buettner’s care, I now believe and trust that her chiropractic care has helped my stress management in my professional career. Chiropractic care was also a factor in improving my physical flexibility before working out at a gym. I lost 40 pounds over a year’s time!” George C., Engineer

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Meet Dr. Jackie Buettner

With more than 34 years of hands-on clinical experience, Dr. Buettner has the ability to tune into a person’s body, locate where the nerve energy is blocked and restore the energy flow through gentle treatment customized to the individual’s needs. This process is similar to turning the power on—a way of activating the body’s innate healing potential to bring back a state of balance.

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