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Providing Quality Wellness Presentations!

The professional health care motivational and keynote speakers of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals provide educational and informative workshops that range from 30 to 60 minutes in length and are available on a variety of topics. These workshops are presented at no charge for your company, group, club, or organization.


Trigger Point Therapy: A Home Stress Reduction System


Trigger Points


This presentation will show the audience an effective method for reducing physical stress by educating them about what Trigger Points are, how to locate them on a person, and how to relieve them easily and quickly. The audience will learn the relationship between stress, trigger points and their effects on health.


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Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss!


Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss


This presentation covers one of the most serious concerns for the American public: Losing weight. This presentation will educate the audience about how the body and metabolism works, why most diets don't work, the true value of being healthy and fit, how food, water, and medication play a roll in their health and how pain limits a person from achieving their full health potential!


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
A Multi-Faceted Approach for Repetitive Strain Injuries


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


In this presentation the audience will learn what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury are and how to prevent them. The audience will also learn how these conditions can be effectively treated without drugs or surgery.


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Stay Fit While You Sit: Ergonomics for a Healthier You


Stay Fit While You Sit


Millions of Americans spend millions of hours each year sitting on the job. Managers, receptionists, computer operators, and many others may be surprised to find that their health issues can be improved through purely natural means. This lecture will educate the audience on how they can prevent problems like neck and back pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by sitting properly and setting up their workspaces properly. It will also give them exercises that they can do during their breaks that can increase performance and productivity.


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The Bio-Mechanics of Auto Injury


The Bio-Mechanics of Auto Injuries


This presentation educates attorneys about the mechanics of car accidents and whiplash injuries and then presents unique treatment solutions for personal injury cases. The professional health care motivational and keynote speaker uses a unique method of teaching by using a series of true or false questions to reveal to the audience the true depth of damage that can be created by a whiplash injury and how recovery can be hastened and improved through natural healthcare methods.


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