Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Jackie B

Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Jackie B


Meet with Dr. Jacalyn Buettner for your personalized nutrition plan to lose weight, gain health, increase energy and vitality. Dr. Jackie B will even show you how to shrink your menopausal middle and boost your metabolism.



wellness and nutrition consult with Dr. Jackie B Take control of your health, and become the confident, vibrant person you know you are. Don’t wait any longer. 

If you’re frustrated with your energy level or weight and feel your health slipping, let’s talk.  I will

  • Do a Health assessment to understand your current state, health challenges, and your goals.
  • Create a customized nutritional plan
  • Work together to foster a healthier lifestyle in steps

Schedule your one-on-one consultations for personalized guidance today. 

Who is this best for:

  • Women struggling to get rid of their menopause middle
  • Men and Women with low energy and inflammation
  • People in high-stress situations who
  • Anyone who wants to improve their eating habits and boost their immune system